Android phone problems and solutions – Best 2020 {Update}

android phone problems and solutions

Android phone problems and solutions Smartphones have evolved, and applications have evolved,

so there is an application for almost everything. As your smartphone or tablet contains many electronic components,

none of these components may work correctly and be subject to some problems.

It helps you know the error in your Android operating system quickly without a specialized technician’s need.

Testing and verifying your phone’s safety is especially useful if you’ve just bought a phone or tablet,

plan to sell your phone, have it repaired, and even if you do not have a specific problem, it’s good to periodically check your device to make sure everything is working correctly.

4 Android apps that help you check your device status and fix crashes

Phone Check Test

The Phone Check Test application is one of the best Android device testing apps. The application’s functionality is somewhat consistent with how the desktop application CPU-Z works, giving you ample information about your device’s specifications and a large number of scan options.

The options provided by this application include the following:

  • Test the camera
  • Check battery and test charging ports
  • Check Wi-Fi connection, fingerprint sensor
  • Sound analysis for headphones, microphones, headphone port, and audio buttons
  • Screen tests related to Dead Pixel dead pixels and color consistency
  • GPS test
  • Test the thermal stress of the device
  • Check the CPU and RAM
  • The application is easy to use and gives you the Monitor option, which provides an overview of your current phone status and includes the Guided Test menu, which allows you to run the scan options mentioned for verification.

When using the Phone Check application, it is recommended to check your device for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth,

ensuring that the battery is charged at least 30% and testing battery power instead of connecting the charge.

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Phone Doctor Plus

The Phone Doctor Plus is one of the best Android device scanning apps, allowing you to perform up to 30 tests on your device to make sure every part of it works correctly.

The scans that this application gives you are similar to the previous form, but the Phone Doctor Plus application provides a better overall experience for the simple interface.

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The most prominent scanning options offered by this application include:

  • Test of motion sensors including gyroscopes, accelerometer and proximity sensors
  • Screen tests including dead pixels and sensor response
  • Cellular and network communication tests
  • Humidity, pressure and temperature tests
  • Test CPU performance, memory, and storage capacity
  • The app also offers suggestions on how to best optimize and re-calibrate the battery, record, and monitor data usage to avoid overuse and complete information about the operating system.

Dead Pixels Test and Fix

This free app lets you quickly check your device’s screen and detect any dead pixels, and the app works on all screen resolutions and is ideal for both your phone and tablet in high resolution.

If you see dead pixels on the screen while testing your device using one of the two applications, you can go to the Dead Pixels Test and Fix application to fix it directly.

The application also allows you to check other options for your device screen,

including trying to fix partial sub-pixel defects and repairing dark or light spots.

The repair can take from a few minutes to more than an hour, but the developer advises that if there is no improvement

A few hours, the app will, unfortunately, not be able to resolve your issue.

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Many of the users of smartphones suffer from battery problems and the speed of their depletion.

There are many reasons for this, but most of them are that the phones are running lithium-ion batteries with less energy storage capacity as they age,

and the vast majority of us do not follow the typical standards for dealing with these batteries properly.

The AccuBattery application does not fix battery problems, but AccuBattery runs through a list of battery safety checks to determine its status and life cycle.

This app gives you valuable information about your device’s battery, such as current battery capacity versus necessary capacity,

and how it will keep the battery you charge for each charge, the use of each power application, and the total discharge speed.

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