Cheat Engine : how to use Cheat Engine

Cheat Engine

Cheat Engine is a program for cheating in computer games. The utility is distributed absolutely free of charge so that any interested player can use it.

The Cheat Engine can scan the RAM of a running game, and then, using an incredibly huge set of tools, find certain game values ​​in the same memory so that they can be changed according to your desire.

This utility is very similar in functionality to such a well-known cheat program like Artmoney, with the help of which players have been spinning as much money as possible in games for a long time.

How to use Cheat Engine

if you do not have a person who simply and clearly tells how to use them. Now we will tell you how to hack through the Cheat Engine.

After analyzing the following example, you will understand that everything is not so difficult. As you might have guessed, first you need to download the Cheat Engine program (if necessary, detailed installation and download will be discussed at the end of the article).

downloaded and installed the utility. Now we need to find a toy on which we will set an example with changing values ​​in it.

What do you think about Fallout 3? It has its own game currency, which is made in the form of bottle caps. Let’s look at how to hack money using the cheat engine in Fallout 3.

Do you know…? how to cheat money through Cheat Engine

your character currently has 450 bottle caps in a backpack. Remember with you this number.

Now turn the game around and run the Cheat Engine program. Once the utility is open, click on the computer icon in the upper left corner.

Then select the process of the running game (in our case it is Fallout 3), click on it once, and then click “Open”.

Next, enter the line value, which is located in the right part of the window, the number 450. Then click on the Search button, located just above the value line.

After clicking on the “Search” button, the process of scanning the game’s RAM will begin.

Next, you should see a huge number of different values, between which, we guarantee, you will not understand and the desired value is unlikely to find.

However, we will now do something that will help with finding the right value. Minimize the Cheat Engine cheat window and maximize the game window.

Quickly we steal from which box a pair of covers and increase the total number of covers to 452 pieces.

Turn off the game again and expand the window with the Cheat Engine utility. We drive in the value line 452 and then click on the “Screening” button (this option will search for the specified value not in the entire memory of the game, but only among the previous scan).

Before you should now be much fewer values. It is possible that even one or two. Select all the values ​​that have been screened out, and then right-click on them and select “Add selected addresses to the table.”

Now you need to turn your attention to the table to which you added the found values. Click on each of the values ​​in the table with the right mouse button and select “Change → Value”.

Given that we are playing in Fallout, then let’s set the value of our caps to 20 million. Changing the value, we again turn off the window with the program and enjoy a bunch of money.

Then you are able to show you how to hack money with the help of the Cheat Engine. However, you can change any values: money, points, available units and so on. The main thing is to track the value in the program, and then change it.

Download and install the program Cheat Engine

You can download Cheat Engine from the official site of the developer of this program.

However, given that this utility is distributed free of charge, you can easily download the Cheat Engine for free with the latest version from our website using the link below

Installing this utility is also not a difficult task. Download the Cheat Engine installer, and then install the utility at any convenient place on your computer, i.e. You do not need to install the utility in the folder with the game that will be hacked.

Download cheat engine

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