Google search engine -10 tricks and tips and help you 2020

10 tricks and tips and help you with Google search engine

10 skills and tips and help you with Google search engine Most Internet users rely on Google as their default search engine regardless of the operating system they work on, making the Internet and Google our lives easier by providing abundant information about all areas of being in an organized and easily accessible way.
But most people who use Google search engine may not know many of its great potentials, as many tricks help to use Google search engine more efficiently to get search results quickly. The number of websites has reached about 2 billion sites
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to get a better result in Google search engine Use the tabs

Before you begin your search, it is recommended that you select the words to be used in the search carefully and precisely to the target subject, by choosing accurate and adequate descriptive words, and taking into account the order of words in the search box by importance.

If you plan to search for a specific topic in general, you can limit yourself to keywords and get different results, while accessing the particular information you should use direct words on the subject and stay away from generic tags.
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Whenever we want to find any information within a specific time frame we look in this way “UK system from 1700 to 1800”, but this method will not make us get to what we are looking for, the reason is that the Google search algorithm is not designed to search the time frame this way, Therefore, the algorithm will be used as a single statement and will only show you the result that includes these words.

It is therefore advisable when searching for something within a specific time frame by adding three points so “…” between “From” and “To” your timeframe, Google will show you the information in a time frame such as searching for: “1700 UK system … 1800 “He said.
10 tricks and tips and help you with Google search engine

search terms report

The number of websites has reached about 2 billion sites, so you are in front of a huge amount, and it is difficult to get the results you expect from the first time to search, and here you must make several attempts to reach the best conclusions possible, The best way is to start with something simple and then gradually complicated.

Use quotation marks for a specific phrase “…”

This is one of the most famous tricks in the Google search engine, since the search using the quotation marks will show you the same words in the same order in the sentence, and is one of the most important search tips and most useful if you are trying to find results containing specific sentences.

Use the asterisk quotations To identify unknown and changing words “… *”

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This is a less-known trick that you use on Google. Searching for a sentence with a quotation with a star completes the missing words in the sentence. This is useful when searching for a particular song by means of its words. You can not search by entering the lyrics of the entire song or if you are trying to search for different variations For a particular term.

Use the negative sign the results containing the words you do not want

In many searches, you will find that you need to eliminate the results that contain words that you do not want. If you are trying to search for a term related to many of the results that are not within your interest, in this case select the terms that are not important to you and write for example “Arduino -Android” as shown in the previous picture results where the results of the search, including all related to Arduino only, without presenting any topics related to both Arduino and Android.

One of the advantages of Google’s forgotten search engine is the ability to search for a particular type of file. This can be very useful. If you need a specific PDF or PowerPoint file that you have already viewed or need to use for another project, Search box You can easily access the file you want to access, as follows

Search for a site for specific content

If you see something on a website a few days ago and then discover that you need it now but unfortunately forgot the title of what you saw and remember only the website you saw it, the option most people would turn to is to go to this website and use the on-site search option to find But most of the site search features are not good enough to get you the result you want.

Open a Google search engine and type the URL of the website itself and type a word you remember from the title of the article or video you want to search for, and Google will show you the result associated with that URL only.

Finding similar sites you are looking for

If you’re following a site’s topics, and you want to reach sites similar to it in terms of type and nature of the content or simply want to compare the content of multiple sites to get the best content submitted online, you can do so with a simple phrase in the search box related: Replacing example with any location you want, and you’ll see a list of sites and other pages that are similar to this site.

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