5 new features coming soon to the Android app

5 new features coming soon to the Android app

5 new features coming soon to the Android app The world’s most popular instant messaging application, features continuous updates throughout the year, bringing many new features to the app.

This year is the year of the full dominance of Facebook on the application of Watsab after Jan Koum announced Jan Koum in May to abandon his post on the board of Facebook because of his disagreement with the way Facebook uses personal data for users and how to achieve the application of Watt of funds, as well as Facebook attempts to reduce the level of encryption data.

Reports over the past few days have confirmed that targeted ads will be served via the Status Status feature on the Wattabapp application, a feature similar to the feature of widespread stories, while ultimately providing marketing messages to corporate customers.

The picture in Picture Mode

The picture-in-picture mode is already available for iOS users, and for Android users, this feature first appeared on WhatsApp 2.18.301 beta.

Image mode is an impressive feature that allows users to view videos on YouTube, Facebook or Instagram on the same chat screen instead of opening the link on a third-party application. Users will be able to move the screen and will also be able to resize, making it possible to chat along with watching the video.

Swipe to Reply Swipe to Reply

The Swipe to Reply feature was first shown on the iOS operating system and will be available soon on the Android operating system. The feature under test has been monitored on the 2.18.300 trial version of Whatsapp on the Android system and using this The feature will enable users of the application to scroll on a reply message, instead of clicking on it and selecting it and then proceed with the reply option.

Show targeted ads via the Ads for Status status feature

This is probably the most important update that will come to Wassab this year or the beginning of the next year 2019. Facebook is looking to monetize the instant messaging platform and TASAB since it took over. Now it seems to be working on the idea. Feature status on the OS and reports also confirmed that the ads will not weaken the encryption from end to end encryption.

Support Stickers

Whatsapp posters were announced at the F8 Developers Conference organized by Facebook earlier this year. According to information from WABetaInfo, the poster preview was first available in Whatsapp version 2.18.218, and is currently testing and adapting new posters under the name Biscuit, For a set of labels, so the feature is expected to be available soon in future updates to the app.

online Image Notification

Another feature monitored in the test is the image notice included in the 2.18.291 beta. The embedded image notification will allow users to preview the received image in the same notification with the option to zoom in or out. There is a small icon that previews GIFs and this feature will only be supported for Android 9 Pie users.

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