Top 10 best android strategy games 2018 (October)

Top 10 best android strategy games 2018 (October)

Top 10 android games October Google Play and the App Store were supplemented with a considerable number of games and applications several dozens of games and applications appeared on Google Play and the App Store.  best android games offline


Decipher is a new puzzle application in which you need to build space rings and solve riddles. It seems simple, but different circles have different effects, and each action causes a mixed reaction. The butterfly effect can be you’re the best friend or worst enemy when it comes to unlocking environmental puzzles. You will have to solve them. best android games free
Top 10 android games October
You are waited by the minimalistic spaceship on which you will go to the relaxing infinite space world. At some point, you will escape from reality and plunge into a quiet, calm metaphysical atmosphere, which is the universe. Recall abstract classic films and inspiring science fiction, where logic and creativity must unite against confusion. Everything is filled with harmony – but don’t let it distract you from the mysteries that need to be solved to conquer each of the worlds.

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Game of Thrones Reigns

Game of Thrones” are top-rated around the world, but last week the game “Reigns: Game of Thrones” appeared, which combined both series into one. This time, instead of reincarnating the same ruler over time, you will play for different characters in approximately the same time interval.
You choose the ruler of the iron throne from among those proposed and try to sit on it as long as possible. But it will be complicated, since the key feature of “Reigns” has not disappeared, and in addition to it conspiracies, murders and much more have appeared. best android games free download

The key “trick” of the game is that you need to maintain a balance between the four factions. If you don’t follow one of them enough, you will die. But compared to the previous parts, the new game has become even better and more interesting: there are more scenarios, interesting characters have appeared, and as a result, you have many new opportunities to decide the fate.

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For example, you can collect advice and those present at it will offer you options for the development of the kingdom. For example, you can try to negotiate with the peoples or the houses of Westeros, and if diplomacy fails, go to war against them. Not the fact that you get there, because you can be killed on the road, and not the fact that you will win the war, but this is your destiny. Or you can arrange a tournament. In general, a lot of options for the development of events.

As you reign, you will meet key characters who become playable later on. Only nine contenders for the throne. At the same time, the game has one small drawback. You will almost immediately notice that even the same people with the same phrases will turn to you even as different kings/queens. However, the game “Reigns: Game Of Thrones” is so impressive that you hardly notice it. Regarding graphic’s, the game has not changed much. The developers redrew the characters and added the backdrops, and also came up with over two dozen new opportunities for your death, from Sick Gray disease to the curse. With music, too, did not split hairs and just took the soundtrack from the series. Well, why not? The best solution is not always to be difficult. This, one might say, is the success of “Reigns”: why reinvent the bicycle if you can merely improve it without changing its very essence.

The game has an exciting feature: characters who hide nothing will look at the center of the screen, and characters who lie will look away and blink more often. In general, the game “Reigns: Game Of Thrones” turned out pretty good. The developers have found a compromise solution between two series, thanks to which it is easy to play, even if this is your first acquaintance with “Game of Thrones” or “Reigns.” best new android games

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Rise up

It is easy to learn the main trends in the world of mobile games – it’s enough to go into any public transport and look at the screens of passengers’ smartphones. At one time, the owners of mobile devices were fans of Angry Birds, then they were nervous because of the high complexity of Flappy Bird and then plunged into the magic cubes of 2048. Now the balloon from “Rise” has replaced these games. It effectively kills free time and delays no worse than all the masterpieces as mentioned above.

The game “Rise” is a worthy contender for the title of the best time killer. For this, she has everything you need. The game is free, the meaning is simple, and one hand is enough to pass. All this complements the endless gameplay so that you will enjoy the game.

The meaning of “Rise” is the following: the main character is flying up a balloon filled with helium. This is why the game received such a name. Also on the playing field, there is a so-called patron. This is a figure of solid material, which you will manage. Your task is to break the obstacles and protect the ball. Nothing should touch him. Otherwise, the level will have to start again.

To complete the task is much more difficult than it seems. First, there are many obstacles, each of which has a different shape. For example, it may be a triangle of stones, a strip of stars, or many small balls. Secondly, the destroyed pieces fall into small parts, each of which strives to burst a flying ball. Finally, thirdly, the force of attraction acts on the figures. If you throw the stones up, they will fly back, so the main character will have to be defended several times.

For a change, the developers have added different skins for the balls to the game. Patrons come in different shapes. In addition to the usual ball, there is a triangle, a circular saw and even a semblance of a Captain America shield. You won’t be bored here.

At the moment, the game “Rise” has more than 50 million downloads and more than 640 thousand ratings. The average score is four stars. Most of the negative reviews are related to advertising in the application, so if possible, turn off the Internet for the duration of the gaming sessions.

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Spider ball

Spiderman is one of the most famous superheroes in the world. He was able to conquer the hearts of the heroes thanks to the endless love of justice and super-abilities. These include the ability to climb walls, a sense of balance and the so-called spider-sense, which warns of danger. Also what only is the ability to throw the web out of the wrist. Becoming the next Peter Parker will not be easy, but it’s easy to try your hand at it – download the Spider Ballgame.

This game is a classic representative of arcades with simple controls and a minimum of meaning. At the same time, there are many levels in the game, and there is a prospect to spend more than one hour trying to get to the finish line.

The name “Spider Ball” was not accidental. The main character in the game is a ball. As in the case of Peter, he can let the web, grasp the surface and thus move up. It seems to be not easy, but in reality, one hand is enough for control.

To acquaint with him – the task of the training mode, which consists of two stages. First, the game shows the principle of movement: to do this, tap on the display at the right time so that the ball sticks to the wall and then lifts itself. After this, the task becomes more complicated. Before pressing, you can also choose the direction of ejection of the web. As a result, for the movement, we first swap and then tap.

Playing Spider Ball is quite tricky. At each level is full of textures that you can crash into. The developers have complicated the task and added small coins that need to be collected and collected.

But there are additional factors. If the passage of a particular level is delayed, the game will offer to use the checkpoint. Over 50 coins, he will save the progress of the journey. Accordingly, after the next loss, you can start the level right from this place. By the way, there are two modes available in the game – arcade and endless.

Spider Ball is a great game that allows you to have fun. The game impresses with excellent control, a large number of levels and the lack of a universal strategy. If you want to complete this game ultimately, you have to work hard.

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Catch up

Catch up Heir era came to a dawn a few years ago, when the developers of Imangi Studios released the second part of the world-famous game “Temple Run.” However, the potential of the genre is still there. This was proven by representatives of the studio Ketchapp, who combined the spirit of the chase with incredible speed, resulting in a cool arcade game called “Catch Up,” which can take a lot of free time.

“Catch Up” is distinguished by the characteristic features that are found in other applications from the studio Ketchapp. This is the simplicity of the gameplay, the minimum learning process and the ability to force the owner of the smartphone to press the restart again and again.

In the game, you will control the ball. He rolls down a long corridor and overcomes obstacles. Your task is to arrive as long as possible. In theory, it sounds easy, but you can crash before getting the first bonus.

Perform the mission you will actively interfere with the texture. Here, all kinds of blocks are continually being pushed out of the walls, which do not allow to play peacefully. Some of them need to jump, visiting red platforms, others should go around.

The main “chip” of the game is high speed. The ball moves very quickly, which is why it is necessary to cope with obstacles without thinking time. If intuition tells you to jump – jump, if your fingers are recommended not to risk and pass between the blocks – you do just that. Decisions are not always correct, so immediately get ready to start the levels again.

For a change, the creators added chellendzhi, for the implementation of which you will receive crystals. For example, in the beginning, you need to play seven games. Then you need to catch the balls and cope with other tasks. You can also unlock new balls. Due to this, the process of passing acquires new colors.

Catch Up is a worthy representative of the Ketchapp family of games. The app is excellent fun and in addition to cope with the extra time. The game is suitable for all lovers of simplicity and action.

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Badland brawl

Badland Brawl is a large-scale game that is continuously updated and receives many new features. The primary mode in the game is multiplayer, in which you will play against real players. The gameplay is as follows: there is a field with two towers, one of which is yours, the other is an opponent. Towers can generate different clones, each of which has its specific abilities. With the help of a catapult, you will release the made clones that fight on the map with the clones of an opponent. The task – to destroy the power generator of the enemy.

Because you play with real players, it is quite tricky to do. As you progress through the levels, many eggs will be available to you, opening which you can get different clones and improvements to existing ones.

Having a lot of clones, they can be completed in the squad, which will be available during the battles. Clones can interact with each other. For example, if you throw a bomb, and then a clone with a hammer, it will hit it at a rapprochement with the weapon so that it hits the enemy’s tower and explodes. In the game, you can also create tribes for the battle “2 on 2”.

A huge advantage of “Badland Brawl” is graphics, it is incredibly bright and colorful here. Also, physics has been well developed. Such a conclusion can be made on the behavior of arrows and other dynamic objects, such as bombs.

The quality of the game is not worse than the famous “Badland,” and this is not surprising, because the developer of these games is the same – Frogmind studio. If you are a fan of Clash of Clans and any other similar games, you will love Badland Brawl.

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Last week, the developers of the Broken Rules studio presented their new puzzle “ELOH,” the goal of which is to relax the player with music and color. Those of you who liked their previous creation, the quest “Old Man’s Journey,” cannot get past this game.

Immediately, we note that the plot in the game is missing. He is not particularly needed here. Just you, the speaker, the drum and the good spirits that look like African masks.

The goal – to hold the sound from the speaker to the drum. For this, you have at your disposal various obstacles and, in fact, these good spirits. There are not too many differences between ghosts and barriers. So, you can rearrange them to almost any marketplace, and the obstacles are either not moved or move along the intended path. But the main difference is that each spirit emits its rhythm in contact with the sound and changes its “color” to match the color of the drum. One of the nice things about the game is that they don’t rush you anywhere. There is no limit on time or moves. No need to collect stars. You enjoy the game on your terms.

Screenshot Image

The graphics in the game is straightforward. Several backdrops of blue/green colors, four kinds of perfumes with corresponding speakers, membranes and so on. And actually, everything. But this is a puzzle, the purpose of which is to relax the player, so the heaped visual component is not needed here. In these types of games, the more straightforward – the better.

In general, “ELOH” would be no different from other games of this kind, if it were not for the sound component. When you turn on the speaker, the melody and rhythm will appear, which will sound when you touch obstacles or spirits, and the more touches, the more interesting. And if there are several speakers, then all manipulations create unusual music. Therefore, this puzzle is always interesting, even if you have not yet built the right path.

As with any game that is tied to music, in ELOH you should not play without sound. Of course, you can, but at the same time, the impressions from it will be completely different. Each collision with an obstacle or mask creates a unique sound, and all together – a kind of melody.

In general, “ELOH” is worth playing if you are interested in music. You will not find here either a plot or beautiful graphics, but at the same time, “ELOH” manages to hook you and force you to play it. Here, everything is set up so that you relax. Colors, pure motive and much more. Just relax and have fun.

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Skyward journey

Skyward Journey plunges into an atmosphere of peace and tranquility. The game has only five levels, which are entirely of the same type and are played in 30 minutes, but these 30 minutes, thanks to the fantastic sound, immerse themselves in the atmosphere of indie-noir. The gameplay of “Skyward Journey” is simple and not annoying. The goal of the developers was not to strain the player, on the contrary, the main task of creation is maximum relaxation.

Skyward Journey tells the story of the people who share letters with the help of white doves. Your task is to control the flow of air so that the pigeons can reach their destinations. If you fly past a man, he generates additional pigeons, thus the number of the flock increases.
Screenshot Image

The graphics in Skyward Journey are as they should be – they are ordinary with a little styling. At the same time, all the details worked out pretty well. It can be seen that the project is budgetary, but there is no feeling that the graphics or sound are cheap here, on the contrary, they complement each other well.

In the game, you can find Zen Sea mode, which is an endless mode. In this mode, it is necessary to increase the number of birds in the flock, flying past the red balls that appear above the water. In the settings of the game there is only one possibility – enable or disable audio.

The game sets a fantastic mood, immersed in something cosmic and relaxing, for which many thanks to the developers. If you’re tense, Skyward Journey is the perfect remedy.

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JUDGE is not a new, but very high-quality cross-platform hit from the 10tons studio, which can now be purchased with a good discount. The plot of the shooter unfolds in the dystopian future, as it was presented at the end of the 20th century. The main character is a policeman named Judge, who has the power to punish the bad guys, free the hostages and seize contraband. At his disposal, there is a wide selection of weapons, including a reliable Gavel firearm with various modes and the possibility of an upgrade.

Screenshot ImageScreenshot Image

Playing for Judge, you will perform various missions, for the successful completion of which you will receive points for upgrade and customization of weapons. You must be extremely careful. Otherwise, you risk being caught off guard by the enemy’s fire.

All your enemies in JUDGE are pretty monotonous. Having noticed you or a runaway hostage, they will start chasing and open fire. Opponents are equipped with different weapons; however, except for this, in all fights, it seems that you are fighting with random street thugs. Still, it would be desirable that opponents differed among themselves not only with weapons but in fights with each of them it was necessary to apply different methods.
Screenshot ImageScreenshot Image

As for the graphics, there are several options in JUDGE that allow you to customize the game for your device. Futuristic design will seem familiar to many people, especially RoboCop fans. You can even say that “JUDGE” is a cross between “Robocop” and “Judge Dredd.”

Visual style and music are a real highlight of the game. Urban “zabroshki” and office buildings are equipped with neon accents that have double value. They not only complement the landscape but also point to interactive objects and doorways that would otherwise be almost impossible to detect.

The roar of the synth bass creates the impression that you somehow miraculously got into the good old police action movie and played as one of the cops. We must pay tribute to “JUDGE”, very few games can boast a soundtrack that can so vividly convey the atmosphere of battles in the gloomy streets of the night megalopolis.
Screenshot Image

The mechanics of the game are fantastic – the best response of the movements and the sight is difficult to imagine. However, there is a small drawback. When the auto sight is on, it is not always possible to force the character to open fire. Rotating the aiming grid works fine, but as soon as you need to shoot, the controls may suddenly stop responding, or respond very slowly. The problem can be solved by setting the manual sight in the settings. When setting the scope manually, there are no failures, and the character shoots as soon as you wish

Missions consist mainly in destroying targets, rescuing hostages and receiving items. However, from time to time you will come across other tasks, for example, do not break objects or go unnoticed.

As in other games where there is a stealth mode, the missions with its use are quite complex. However, “JUDGE” supports unlocking items and upgrades, which means you can not use stealth mode if you do not want.

Each mission consists of three tasks, and eventually, three more are opened with an increased level of complexity. So, after a few hours of play, a third difficulty level appears, and you will again find yourself at lower levels, but you will have to go through them in an entirely new way.

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Run An Empire

The Run of An Empire» – is an application for iOS and Android, where you want to lead your kingdom to thrive, running on real streets. You will start as a small tribe, but if you are diligent, you can become a real empire.
Screenshot ImageScreenshot ImageScreenshot Image

The essence of the game is to capture hexagonal cells. For moving on them give coins that can be spent on the purchase of various buildings and units. This, in turn, accelerates development: automates production, increases profits, and so on.
Screenshot Image

The more you run, the faster you can move from one era to another. Each of them has its thematic buildings and units. Gradually, it will be possible to reach the period of diesel, and later – to the space age.

To start assigning land, press the button at the bottom of the screen, put the phone in your pocket and hit the road. But at any time, you can look at the map to find out where the nearest treasure chest or castle, which is available to capture. The faster you run, the more money you get.

By clicking on the button in the upper left corner, you can view data on runs: distance, pace, time, and the number of coins collected. There is an opportunity to bind Strava fitness service: to do this, go to the settings and create an account in the game.

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