Apple launches a new device on October 30

Apple launches a new device on October 30

Apple launches a new device on October 30 Apple announces that it will hold an “Apple Special Event” at Brooklyn, New York at 10 o’clock October 30 on the company’s website. On the day it is scheduled to be delivered online.  Products currently rumoured on the Internet include the iPad Pro’s new model, the 13-inch low price MacBook, and the Mac mini new model. For iPad Pro, correspondence to Face ID and Type-C is also lax. In any case, it seems that you can say that you can enjoy 30 days.
Apple launches a new device on October 30

American technology giant Apple, the company sent out invitations to attend the launch ceremony of new devices by the end of the month of October in New York City. Apple is expected to launch new iPads and possibly laptops at the Howard Gilman Opera House in Brooklyn, New York, on October 30.

Apple does not usually launch new products in New York, and often chooses a place closer to its main base in Cupertino, California, according to Business Insider. Last month, Apple unveiled new iPhones and Apple Watch watches, so analysts and rumours suggested new devices were being launched focusing on the new iPad Pro and new Macs.

There were rumours that Apple was planning to launch the iPad this year, similar to its iPhone X, a face recognition system and a large display that covers the entire device, which can be 11 and 12.9 inches in size. Expectations also suggest that Apple can make improvements to its pen on the next iPad, adding a USB-C port and an A12 processor. The US giant has been criticized with the launch of the phone “for iPhone XS and XS Max”, where many said it did not provide a new, while the prices of devices to levels are unprecedented

It is reasonable to believe that Apple will once again introduce its new product at the Steve Jobs Theater at Apple Park after the iPhone event last month, but the company has chosen a new location. Apple has submitted a series of unique designs on invitations for the event, so there are a lot of things to consider if you are trying to find any hints about what is going to happen.

The logo on Apple’s 30/10 media invitation.
Apple launches a new device on October 30

  • The new iPad Pro is rumoured to have a slim bezel and Face ID, which extends face encryption technology.
  • This year’s iPad Pro is expected to move from the Lightning port to the USB-C port and has an 11 or 12.9-inch screen.
  • Also at the October event, Apple may announce its long-awaited successor, the MacBook Air.
  • In August, Bloomberg said that Apple’s new laptops will have slimmer lines and have a high-resolution Retina display.
  • The new MacBook Air is expected to be positioned under the 12-inch MacBook and is Apple’s new low-cost laptops option.
  • Bloomberg also announced that a new Mac Mini is under development.
  • About the software, Apple has the ability to share release details for iOS 12.1 (with FaceTime calling and dual SIM support) and the upcoming watchOS update will enable the EKG function of the Apple Watch Series 4 watch.
  • The AirPower Wireless Charger is also expected to launch at the upcoming event

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