Best Gaming Processor in the World And best gaming laptop

Best Gaming Processor in the World And best gaming laptop

Best Gaming Processor in the World And best gaming laptop Intel today announced the ninth generation of Intel Core i9-9900K processors, the world’s best gaming processor, and announced that it is starting today to receive pre-orders on the new processor. Intel’s move comes in the context of the introduction of a series of desktop processors that lets platforms computers offer amazing performance and advanced advantages that meet customers ‘ needs for power and high computing, ranging from playing games to create digital creative content, and include the new processors announced by the company ‘s first Intel Core processors of the ninth – generation series Intel Core new XP processors Intel Core X processor Intel Xeon W-3175X.
Best Gaming Processor in the World And best gaming laptop

To start the game

The ninth-generation Intel Core i9-9900K is the world’s best gaming processor, elevating desktop computers to unprecedented performance, the first generation 9 processor designed for mainstream desktop PCs.

The next generation of Intel Core i9-9900K, Intel Core i7-9700K, and Intel Core i5-9600K delivers fast performance for gamers, featuring 8-core and 16-thread processors, 5 GHz, with 16MB of smart memory.

The next generation of Intel Core processors offers outstanding performance including an open SKU on every level of the brand, and about 40 PCI Express 3.0 ports to extend the system to suit games.

Gaming laptop


15.6″ Full HD Performance Gaming Laptop PC i5-8300H, GTX 1050Ti 4G, 8GB RAM, 16GB Intel Optane Memory + 1TB HDD, Win 10 64 bit, Black, Steelseries Red Backlit Keys.


MSI GS65 Stealth THIN-051 15.6″ 144Hz 7ms Ultra-Thin Gaming Laptop GTX 1060 6G, i7-8750H 6 Core, 16GB RAM, 256GB SSD, RGB KB VR Ready, Metal, Black w/ Gold Diamond Cut, Win 10 Home 64bit


MSI GT75 TITAN-055 17.3″ 120Hz 3ms G-sync Extreme Gaming Laptop GTX 1080 8G i7-8750H (6 Cores) 16GB 512GB SSD + 1TB Per Key RGB KB, VR Ready, Metal Chassis, Windows 10 64 bit

Improvements to breaking the processor speed in this generation

  • View more than 220 frames per second in three months of computer games.
  • Intel Turbo Boost 2.0 helps increase the frequency of a single processor to 5 GHz, helping game enthusiasts enjoy their games with an 11 percent increase in frame rate compared to the previous generation, and an increase in a frame rate of 45 percent compared to computers that Produced three years ago.
  • The processor has the ability to record games, pass encoding and broadcast while playing, helping game enthusiasts enjoy 11 percent faster performance than previous tricks, and 41 percent more than computers that were produced three years ago.
  • Improved video editing capabilities on Adobe Premiere, increasing performance by 34 percent compared to the previous generation and doubling the speed compared to computers produced three years ago.
  • The overall speed of system performance increased by 15 percent compared to the previous generation, and by about 40 percent compared to computers that were produced three years ago.
  • The processors feature thermal welding materials and the Intel Extreme Tuning Utility, giving users an accurate tool to break the processor speed.
  • The new Intel Z390 chipset, which helps the new chip-based motherboards deliver improved power, helps to adjust the performance and speed of the eight-core processor. The Intel Z390 includes a high-speed 3.1-inch USB port and Intel Wireless- AC which supports connection speed over Wi-Fi up to the Gigabit rank.

The ninth generation of processors is compatible with Intel 300 chipset-based motherboards, providing more choice for customers, and pre-orders for the purchase of ninth-generation processors and motherboards are being launched today from a variety of global retailers and retailers.

Advanced computer for experts and creators

Intel also announced seven new Intel Core X processors, the i9-9980XE, the i9-9960X, the i9-9940X, the i9-9920X, the i9-9900X, the i9-9820X ?? and the i9-9800X, which fit the most advanced desktop PCs And vary among them in numbers of nuclei and abilities.

The Intel Xeon W-3175X processor, which features high working frequencies and specifications for light and heavy workloads, is also designed for Intel Mesh Architecture, which increases memory and reduces delay, which is important for experts and creators, Tasks and applications.

The Intel Core X processor series offers a variety of 8 to 18 kernel options, all of which deliver superior performance and technologies that help innovators turn their ideas into reality. Computers based on this series of creative processors help to record, encode, edit and render very quickly through 18 core 36 threads and a cache of 24.75 megabytes and 68 entries for additional accessories.

Intel Turbo Boost Max 3.0, which runs at a frequency of one processor to 4.5 GHz, helps drive the most important workloads to the fastest processor nuclei, improving the performance of threads when necessary. Intel Core X processors enable software developers to write applications that benefit Of the Intel AVX-512 instructions to speed up computing performance when processing workloads in parallel.

Intel introduces the Intel Xeon W-3175X Unlocked Processor in a variety of applications, such as architectural and industrial design and professional content creation, a 28-core processor for delivering high performance in real-time to large and intensive workloads. The processor adopts a single- 3.4 GHz, with 56 thread processing, and is open to the possibility of breaking the frequency of those who want to increase performance to a higher limit.

Intel’s 38.5-megabyte (MB) intelligent storage cache supports 6GB 512-GB DDR4 memory with 2666MHz standard error-correction support. Intel delivers the Intel Core X series in November, Intel Xeon processor W-3175X for customers in December.

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