BlackBerry KEY2 LE


BlackBerry KEY2 LE  Blackberry unveiled its new smartphone K2 The new phone belongs to the Kee family, but comes with a different design in terms of the keyboard that came higher than the previous models, as well as the structure of the device lighter, and weighs the phone 168 grams.
BlackBerry KEY2 LE

The company has built a lightweight, lightweight poly right phone and has integrated a smart keyboard that enables users to write quickly, with 52 different shortcuts The phone is the first BlackBerry device, providing a double camera, 12 megapixels, as well as a long battery life of 3500 mAh/hour, lasts for two full days. The K2 comes with a 4.5-inch display with 16,20080X1 pixels resolution, high-definition display technology, and 24-bit color depth. The phone can record video at 4K resolution at 30 frames per second. The device is powered by the Android 8.1 Orio and added the Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, 6 GB of RAM and 128 GB of memory

It introduced the TCL Communication, the world’s leading smartphone manufacturers licensed to mark the BlackBerry BlackBerry business partner, today announced the latest Blackberry phones brand, a phone BlackBerry KEY2 AU $

And it maintains the new phone on the sophisticated design characterized by KEY2 phone, which includes a mini – screen frames and structure redesigned to get a more modern style, and the phone comes with Speed button Key which has recently been introduced to provide a more personalized unique experience, in addition to adopting an operating system Android, and also supports multiple features like Google Assistant, Google Lens, and Google Pay . ” Smartphone companies are now looking for a single phone that combines all solutions, but this is no longer realistic in the diverse global market we live in,” said Alan Lejun, senior vice president, TCL Communication, and president of BlackBerry Mobile. That’s why we are focusing on offering the latest BlackBerry smartphones such as BlackBerry KEY2 LE, which provides a great daily communication experience and access to all the features, connectivity and applications our customers expect. ” “The BlackBerry KEY2 LE features a new character, making it a unique addition to the KEY2 portfolio, ” said Alex Thurber, senior vice president, and general manager of BlackBerry Mobility Solutions. “The phone includes all the security features that make BlackBerry smartphones the most active phones With the world’s most powerful Android operating system, BlackBerry® with KEY2 LE has maintained its line of design and a gateway for fans around the world to enjoy the latest BlackBerry smartphones. ”
BlackBerry KEY2 LE

Practical design for modern user

The BlackBerry KEY2 LE delivers a balance between the traditional design of BlackBerry phones and the latest features. It features a lightweight polycarbonate frame and a sleek, modern background that provides a comfortable phone grip and prevents it from falling. The phone is equipped with a full-resolution screen with curved edges and is available in three different colors They are grayish gray and golden silver. The phone is similar in size to the rest of the KEY series, but KEY2 LE is thinner and lighter, as well as a redesigned keyboard and keys that are about 10 percent larger than those on the BlackBerry KEYone. The keyboard is designed to increase accuracy, including a Speed Key that allows shortcuts to a number of functions on the phone at any time, without having to go back to the home screen or search for applications, contacts, or features that the user wants to access. This key is complemented by a customizable shortcut that allows the user to program each key to show the contacts and applications he uses instantly. In addition, the BlackBerry KEY2 LE provides a 13 megapixel and 5-megapixel rear camera, and great new shooting modes including portrait mode. These features are complemented by an 8-megapixel front-facing camera with flashlight and new shooting modes such as panoramic silphy and facial blemishes, which provide new self-improvement of captured images. Users can also learn more about the world around them by integrating the camera with the Google Lens feature, which helps them quickly access more information about landmarks, buildings, books and much more by directing the camera to the target.

Increase privacy for quality control

Now you can control the privacy of your smartphones with features such as Locker, which allows the user to manage information shared via cloud computing such as photos and documents. Keeping up with the monthly security updates from Android helps keep your phone protected from the latest threats. Locker provides a personal space on the device that lets you store applications that the user wants to keep, especially with sensitive documents and images. The phone also provides a Firefox Focus browser that helps users avoid tracking programs and automatically delete browsing sessions when the application is closed.

It features a BlackBerry phone KEY2 LE “DTEK” updated, which provides new features for scanning operations security screening application proactive to identify potential security risks and mitigation easily, such as data access unwanted through the application of what has been downloaded to a smartphone.

The productivity level is unique to BlackBerry smartphones BlackBerry KEY2 LE offers all the features a user needs to manage his business, his travels and his personal life on the go. These features include dual personal account support and business-ready software that makes it easy to manage all aspects of a user’s life. The dual account management feature is integrated to enable users to manage their personal and professional accounts on social networks separately on applications such as Facebook and Instagram. The two phone packages allow the user to have a dual account on the application, account and other accounts that require unique numbers.
BlackBerry KEY2 LE

The phone also provides the BlackBerry Hub feature that collects all messages in one place, including emails, SMS messages, and messages from most social media applications, including Whatsapp


The BlackBerry KEY2 LE is equipped with 4 GB of RAM and 32GB or 64 GB of storage, and both versions support the addition of a memory card for additional storage and capacity expansion. And the phone works by Qualcomm Snapdragon processor and a powerful battery for up to 22 hours of varied use, allows users to use the phone for longer during the long working days may arrive until the next day. KEY2 LE comes with Quick Charge 3.0, offering a 50 percent charge in 36 minutes, which is enough to use on a normal business day.

The phone is also equipped with Boost mode for charging and battery reminders that will provide the user with the recommendations of the time of shipment after observing the habits of daily shipment and calendar times so that the user to get the most out of the battery when needed

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