7 cyber attacks threaten by the Gulf States

7 cyber attacks threaten by the Gulf States

7 cyber attacks threaten by the Gulf States to be careful with cyber attacks  the Gulf States seven possible cyber attacks that could hit the GCC in the coming period. The cyber-security environment in the Middle East is rapidly expanding in the region, where attacks have increased in quantity, effectiveness, and complexity.

Guy Townsend, Project Manager, and North Africa pointed out that the Gulf countries are aware of the growing cyber threat to governments and businesses. The digital transformation of economies across the region by adopting digital technologies and their application of electronic services will increase threats to data security Personal.

Gulf states need to take all measures to secure confidential data networks. According to a survey last May, the percentage of companies operating in the Gulf region exposed to cyber attacks in the previous 12 months was about 41 percent, an increase of 46 percent compared with 2016 figure
Increasing pace

identified potential threats to the industry, including the attack on the supply chain, targeting industrial control systems, attacking third-party software and software platforms, exploiting the newly encrypted currency environment, violating large government and sector databases, using ransom to subvert economies, Targeting events and prominent events.

Cyber attacks are particularly dangerous, especially as pirates increasingly discover new ways of penetrating barriers and security systems. cyber threats to industrial control systems have generated more concern in the region after earlier reports suggested pirates were behind the attempted bombing of a petrochemical plant in Saudi Arabia the past.

Electronic attacks

Breakthrough of suppliers through the supply chain attack is the first cyber attack potential, where successful infiltrations into supplier software platforms in large supply chains can pose risks to innumerable companies simultaneously.

The NotPetya attack, in which the hackers vandalized the Ukrainian tax program and sent false updates that spread through hacked networks and hit the final use points with malicious software, the most prominent example so far, caused global damage with costs of about $ 10 billion. Industrial control systems represent a variety of technologies that manage and automate large parts of the community, including power grids, oil and gas operations, manufacturing, and others. Their attacks can be destructive and may result in disruption of operations and heavy material damage. The third attack potential is to attack third-party software tools and platforms, especially as systems development matured. These platforms aim to provide the best benefit to consumers and developers, but many are easy to use and can be customized on demand, By hackers who seek to spread malicious code through the applications they create.

Similar incidents took place earlier this year when hackers stole about $ 532.6 million from an encrypted currency exchange facility in Tokyo, triggering discussions on security and regulatory protection in the emerging market for encrypted currencies such as Bitcoin. The fifth potential attack concerns the breach of large databases of governments and sectors, especially after relying on digital technology. Sensitive personal data are often important targets of cyber-criminals and organized state-organized piracy groups. The breaches discovered in the United States Bureau of Personnel Administration in 2015 and the Equifax Credit Bureau in 2017 have resulted in the loss of sensitive information for hundreds of millions of people, information that can be sold or exploited. One of the attacks is the use of ransom to subvert the economy, a criminal tool that has spread over the Internet for several years. It continues to evolve, involving both individuals and economies, where ransom-based piracy campaigns continue to generate significant revenue for pirates.

7 cyber attacks threaten by the Gulf States
7 cyber attacks threaten by the Gulf States

The 7th event, where the Winter Olympics in South Korea and the World Cup in Russia saw a huge number of cyber attacks, caused unrest, Russia claimed to have faced 25 million cyber attacks during the World Cup. Be careful with cyber attacks

  • The attack on the supply chain
  • Violation of large databases for governments and sectors
  • Damage to the national economy
  • Achieve substantial financial returns for pirates
  • Power grid, oil and gas operations, and manufacturing
  • Targeting industrial control systems
  • Attacking third-party software tools and platforms
  • Exploiting the newly encrypted currency environment
  • Breach of the huge databases of governments and sectors
  • Using ransom to sabotage economies
  • Target events and highlights
  • Stealing secret data for millions of people

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