F5 Networks

F5 Networks

F5 Networks Six steps to ensure that everyone benefits from technical innovation

today unveiled a series of steps that enable technology companies to spread the

benefits of technical innovation to all individuals, not only the rich. The announcement of these steps comes in light of Oxfam’s

report on the world’s wealthiest people (1%) taking a large share of 82% In 2017,

and the vast majority of the poorest of humanity did not get anything.

F5 Networks believes that this disparity has an increasingly negative impact on the level of workforce skills, research, and development,

F5 Networks
F5 Networks

and appropriate levels Of interdependence between the parties to the world. “Taken together, this could lead to a long-term blow to world markets.

These consequences are of concern in the context of dealing specifically

with major global issues, such as climate change or sustainability Global supply system or food and water supply “.

Vincent Laverne, Regional Vice President of Systems Engineering, F5 Networks “:” The Internet today is a fundamental human right.

F5 Networks
F5 Networks

At a time when developed economies are expanding their cloud computing platforms and network infrastructure, many of the world’s poorest

regions are cutting off all these developments. The gap between a poor and the rich is widening. ”

“Governments can alleviate this situation, and they are already helping to some extent. But technology leaders have a greater responsibility for developing countries, and this can be achieved by creating innovative systems that can benefit existing and emerging businesses in those countries. ”

F5 Networks noted that the time has come for the technology sector to take concrete commitments that last longer than short-term care, a charity initiative, or a superficial campaign of corporate social responsibility.

As always, all technology leaders should take the following steps to ensure that everyone benefits from technical innovation:

F5 Networks Six steps to ensure that everyone benefits from technical innovation

Reviewing Company Values: Does the Company help from its news and sources of positive change? If not, it is worth rethinking the strategy adopted.

F5 Networks
F5 Networks

You must be brave and have a sustainable strategic plan. Adjusting and prioritizing a humanitarian dimension can lead to many positive works, including attracting talent from a millennium-driven ethic.

Boldly push for change: Collaborate with partners, customers, and even competitors to increase resources that can be deployed and impacted,

The position adopted should inspire others to advocate for issues that deserve the effort and to stimulate change in the necessary areas.

For example, the company may have appropriate capabilities and technologies to counter climate change through monitoring, analysis, and upgrading of public resources,

so as not to raise its voice on such issues or to share In-depth vision with governments, the United Nations or bodies, such as the World Trade Organization or the World Health Organization?

Bridging the skills gap in the technology industry: Is the company doing its best to solve the issue of recruitment and training in developing countries for a wide range of talent in regions such as Africa, the Middle East, and India? This imbalance can be addressed by enabling local skills and adopting a policy that embraces everyone.

Making necessary contacts: The technical industry serves as a crucible for experts in problem-solving. It is essential to communicate with the appropriate parties and to announce progress when and wherever.

Just like the open source mechanism, we need a problem-solving environment in which all voices that provide value and benefit can contribute. If a platform is required to share ideas, you should not hesitate to set them up.

Encourage the dispatch of staff to areas where they need: Adapting technology for meaningful purposes and bringing about change requires local knowledge and footing on the ground. Companies must enrich the views of their most prominent employees and open their professional horizons there.

Non-Ignorance of the Close Community: Collaborate with industry to attract the broader technical community to support sustainable programs such as “Technology for All”

This may include investing in people, schools, universities and training programs, in addition to disseminating information that has the potential to stimulate creativity, learning, and empowerment.

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