Facebook data breach 30 million accounts have been hacked

Facebook data breach 30 million accounts have been hacked

 Facebook data breach 30 million accounts have been hacked facebook and many more social media, which has the largest user base in India, us and many other countries, facebook recently hacked into its system has affected about 30 million users facebook management vice president Guy Rosen said that cyber attackers exploited a vulnerability in Facebook code as existed between July 2017 and September 2018 but now they have fixed it, but not before                            the                                   Facebook data breach 30 million accounts have been hacked hackers attacked it if they may fix it I think the date won’t be going out it’s a lack of lazy of the people.

Facebook released a new update on the security breach that hit the platform in late September, which affected about 50 million users, and attached to access token, a set of icons given to the user after logging in for the first time and making people enter Facebook without having to re-enter their password each time they use the platform, where the new Facebook information indicates that the number of users affected by the breach is less than previously thought.

“We now know that fewer people have been affected than we thought, and we found out that of the 50 million people we thought previously had their distinctive access codes affected,” said Guy Rosen, vice president of product management at Facebook. , There are 30 million of them have already been stolen. “

Facebook states that those behind the attack were able to access two kinds of information for 15 million affected users. That information includes names and contact details such as phone numbers and e-mail addresses. While attackers were able to access more information for 14 million users, including name and contact information, as well as other details in the profile such as username, gender, location, language, relationship, religion, current city or date of birth Education, work, places they’ve visited, places they’ve been referred to, the website or people and pages they’re following, along with recent searches and types of devices used to access Facebook.

The attackers were unable to access any kind of information for the millions of other users who stole their distinctive access codes, and Facebook points out that the breach did not affect other products such as Messenger, Messenger for Children, Instagram, Attab, Oculus or the Marketplace. The attack did not include features such as pages, payments, and accounts, developers or any third-party applications. Facebook reported that hackers could not access any private messages.

The platform continues to investigate the breach, says it is looking into smaller attacks and says it is still working with the FTC and the FBI, which asked the company not to disclose who was behind the attack, the Irish Data Protection Commission and other authorities. People can check if they’ve been affected by visiting the Facebook Help Center, and the platform will notify affected users, giving them more details about what information is accessible and what they can do to protect themselves.
Facebook data breach 30 million accounts have been hacked

The Facebook social network has been plagued by a state of anxiety after the company announced on Friday new details about the widespread security breach that has hit tens of millions of accounts. The attackers, who carried out the widespread security breach announced in late September, entered the accounts of about 30 million users in total and stole the names and contact details of about 29 million.

Facebook provided these people with alert messages at the top of their pages, revealing what was stolen from the data, for accounts affected by the feared security breach. “We have additional information about the security incident we discovered on September 25, 2018. A third party was able to get your name, e-mail address, address, and phone number (or any other data stolen),” says the letter, which begins on behalf of the account holder.
Facebook data breach 30 million accounts have been hacked

“We acted quickly to secure the site and protect your account, and we are working with law enforcement agencies on the incident.”

The message advises the user to follow an attachment link at the end of the message to see how the account is affected by the security breach,
Facebook said in late September that hackers had stolen digital access codes, allowing them to control nearly 50 million accounts in the worst security breach ever seen, but did not confirm whether any information had been stolen. The company said that for 15 million users, attackers were able to access names and means of communication such as phone numbers and email addresses or both, each person added on his personal account.

For the other 24 million users, the attackers came to other information including the username, type, language, social status, religion, hometown, the city of residence, the devices used to access Facebook, its practical qualifications and work, as well as the last 10 places it registered on Facebook
Facebook data breach 30 million accounts have been hacked

“We cooperate with the FBI, which is investigating, and asked us not to discuss who could be responsible for the attack,” Facebook said in a blog post

Facebook has revealed the number of accounts hackers have hacked during the massive security breach announced two weeks ago, Facebook reported on Friday. Facebook said the Hackers had hacked 29 million accounts on the site, an unprecedented number, where the company initially said 50 million accounts had been hacked, but it was not aware whether the accounts had been misused The Associated Press.

Hackers hacked names or email addresses, or phone numbers about 29 million accounts. Of those accounts, hackers received more data from 14 million accounts, such as home and date of birth. The hackers also caused an imbalance of one million accounts, but they did not get any information. The police intend to send letters to those whose accounts have been compromised. Facebook pointed out that third-party applications and other company-owned companies such as Whatsapp and Instagram were not affected by the hack

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