Google search analytics

Google search analytics

Google search analytics Google to manage your website and track visitor Most business, service and even non-profit activities are now rushing to reserve a position on the Internet by creating a site with a definition of their actions and making it easier for people to communicate with them from anywhere. google analytics and google search console

Google search analytics
Google search analytics

After the number of Internet users surpassed 4 billion in 2018, Internet sites approaching 2 billion sites according to the latest instantaneous statistics for the site internetlivestats, google analytics and google search console

the subject has exceeded create a website and publish it on the Internet where it became requires accurate tools to measure the number of the site and conduct visitors to help runs google analytics and google search console

the site to improve and develop continuously, so we will give you today Free services from Google can help you keep track of the activities that occur on your site. google analytics and google search console

Three free services that track and manage your visitor’s behavior

First, you should know that these services can be accessed and used for free through your Google account but require your website to be activated and benefit from them. You should also start creating an account for your site on the Google Tag Manager service and enable it first with the help of the developer responsible for programming Then you can easily use the rest of the other services without having to use a website developer. google analytics and google search console

Google Tag Manager service

Google launched this service in October 2012 and allows websites to install tracking codes for various digital advertising platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Google, and others, enabling organizations to re-target visitors to their site again with more appropriate and customized ads, Google Analytics Analytics easily and also activate Google Search Console in seconds.

Using your Google Account login, you can access this service and create an account for your site  google analytics and google search console

Once you create an account for your site, you will see a unique code for your site. You should send it to your site development administrator to include it on your website’s code. Once you have done this, you will be able to activate Google Analytics easily and Search Console without having to use your site development administrator As well as all tracking codes for digital ad platforms and behavior analysis tools for website visitors such as Crazy Egg, Mouse Flow, and others. google analytics and google search console

Google Analytics

Google launched this service in November 2005 and included several great features that allow you to analyze the behavior of visitors to your site and know much important information google search analytics and google search console

such as the number of visitors and their geographical location and the device they used to browse your site and the average time spent on your site and the pages they visited and the google search analytics and google search console

source of referral and directed to your site (Direct visit – online search – social networking sites – online advertising campaign – referral from another site – and other sources of reference). google search analytics and google search console

As with the previous service you can benefit from Google Analytics by entering your account on Google, where you can create an account for your site and activate this account directly using the code generated to your site by including it in the space dedicated to your mind that you previously created the Google Tag Manager. google search analytics and google search console

Google Search Console service

This service was formerly known as Google Webmaster Tools or Webmaster Tools and has been renamed Google Search Console since May 2015, and you can create and activate an account for your site with this service, including by using a site account that you have already created on Google Analytics or Google Tag Manager  google search console

This service lets you know any information about your site, including but not limited to the number of times your site appeared in search results when users typed specific keywords to search, how many clicks your site received when it appeared in search results, and the percentage of clicks to impressions Picture of the new Google Search Console UI google search console

This service also shows you the status of indexing the pages of your site with Google search engine and provides you with a report on the internal and external links to your site and other important features that will help you continually develop your website. google search console

Google search analytics
Google search analytics

“creating an account for your site on Google Analytics will require you to enter simple data including your website address, country and time zone. Once you have created your account, you will see your site’s tracking code to activate your account by entering this code in its Google Tag Manager. google search console

This service has an application for the Android operating system, and you can download it here, as well as an application for the OS and you can download it here, to facilitate the follow-up visitor activity and behavior on your site anytime and anywhere using your smartphone.” google search console


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