How to Install ROM from TWRP Recovery -2020 UPDATED

How to Install ROM from TWRP Recovery

How to Install ROM from TWRP Recovery Android systems, the feature that most distinguishes it is the ability to customize different aspects of the system. The custom recovery provides the tools necessary to flash and change your smartphone or tablet without facing potential risks of compromising the device.

To do these things on an Android tablet or smartphone, some tools are required to install ROM from TWRP recovery but the real purpose of having a custom recovery on your Android device is to be able to flash any unsigned .zip or .img file. It is a non-system boot system mode, which allows you to restore, install or delete system data.

Install ROM from TWRP recovery
  • The bootloader of the unlocked device
  • Recovery TWRP compatible with your device click here to find your the version for all devices
  • root permissions.
  • First, you need to install TWRP Recovery compatible with your Android device
    Download and transfer the custom ROM you want to flash into the device memory.
    How to Install ROM from TWRP Recovery
  • start the Android device in TWRP Recovery.
  • Select ” Wipe ” from the TWRP main menu and run ” Swipe to Factory Reset ” at the bottom of the screen.
    How to Install ROM from TWRP Recovery
  • Return to the TWRP main menu, click on ” Install ” and select the custom .zip
  • ROM that you have transferred to your device
  • After selecting the .zip file, do ” Swipe to Confirm Flash ” at the bottom of the screen to start the custom ROM installation process.
    How to Install ROM from TWRP Recovery
  • Once the ROM is installed successfully, you will see the ” Wipe cache ” option,
  • select it and then ” Swipe to wipe ” at the bottom of the screen
  • press the ” Back ” button on the screen and then select the ” Reboot System ” button.

The device will reboot with the custom ROM installed. Since this will be the first reboot after flashing a new ROM, it may take some time to rebuild the cache and reboot you can install custom ROM, get root permissions or perform a full system backup.


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