Huawei launches global strategy for artificial intelligence

Huawei launches global strategy for artificial intelligence

Huawei launches global strategy for artificial intelligence the world’s first generation of Ascend chips and introduced a full range of artificial intelligence solutions for various sectors that are compatible with multiple scenarios, explained Eric Xu, Huawei’s CEO and CEO, delivered the inaugural address of Huawei Connect 2018, which opened today at the Shanghai International Exhibition and Convention Center.

The level of development of artificial intelligence is closely related to the level of development of the ICT industry, specifically research, development and human skills,” he said. “Today, we can say that Artificial intelligence became important to the steam engine when it was invented or electricity when discovered. He explained that during the current era in various industries and sectors, especially transportation, communications, intelligent traffic systems, intelligent education, smart healthcare, language translation using artificial intelligence, communication networks, and cars without a driver, consider the possibility of making the most of the advantages of artificial intelligence.
Huawei launches global strategy for artificial intelligence

He added that each revolution changes in capabilities and capabilities, which undoubtedly has human skills, and the development of this industry increases the chances of jobs in the field of data while reducing dependence on traditional jobs with repetitive tasks. Today, it is more appropriate to think seriously about how to use intelligence Each according to its needs, individuals and institutions, and at the state level.
He stressed that artificial intelligence will not solve all the problems in the world, but in the midst of working on the success of digitization, we can consider all applications and solutions that can be put into practice using artificial intelligence, accelerate the digitization process and accelerate the development of sectors and vital industries, Services and reduce the delivery time for those wishing to receive it.

Currently, only 4 percent of enterprises around the world use artificial intelligence, and this is a small figure given the great potential of artificial intelligence, especially applications that reduce time and computing power and increase work efficiency through the ability to Linking artificial intelligence applications with other technologies such as Internet objects, cloud computing, and massive data, providing new algorithms and many automation. Huawei’s new strategy is to increase the efficiency of R & D, especially in the field of visual computing and processors, especially those related to vital applications such as linguistics, and aims to build an integrated artificial intelligence platform with different technologies. Huawei is building bridges of cooperation and partnership to build a comprehensive and integrated ecosystem All partners and stakeholders in artificial intelligence in the world.

According to Huawei, artificial intelligence has become the new technology for general purposes and will change all industries and organizations on earth, and the company is looking to improve services and artificial intelligence management. The spectrum of artificial intelligence solutions that have been taken into account Strong for all sectors, especially through cloud computing.

Huawei predicts that by 2025 the world will see more than 40 billion intelligent personal devices in use, 90 percent of users will use some kind of smart digital assistance, data will be more than 86 percent, and will be Artificial intelligence services are readily available.
The company focused its priorities on the launch of two new Ascend series, Ascend 910 and Ascend 310, which are the first of its kind in the field of artificial intelligence, with great capabilities in the speed of computing, as well as being the first of its kind on The world’s level of efficiency, and these chips are a quantum leap in the world of artificial intelligence.

Huawei True Start of the Artificial Intelligence

A new generation of artificial intelligence chips called Ascend by launching two new chips that are a unique precedent in the world for IP-based chips designed specifically for different operational scenarios. Artificial Intelligence is based on the needs of all industries and sectors. Huawei has launched the Da Vinci Project for Artificial Intelligence technology, the first of its kind in the world, To deal with a wide spectrum of different business scenarios.

Huawei predicts that, by 2025, the artificial intelligence market will reach 387 billion US dollars. Contrary to speculation about artificial intelligence and fears that many are losing their jobs in light of the artificial intelligence revolution, Huawei has announced that the next era of artificial intelligence Will bring with it a lot of job opportunities, especially those associated with large data, data analysis and many technologies that can be easily connected by artificial intelligence such as cloud computing and the Internet of things using a serious generation of chips.
The new generation of Huawei Artificial Intelligence chips, the Ascend 910 and the Ascend 310, offers the world’s first large capacity to handle up to 1 terabyte of data with just one watt, making it superior to any competitor currently on the market. With far-reaching capabilities and capabilities that meet the operational needs of all sectors and are in line with the various scenarios.

Huawei believes that the point of departure in the world of artificial intelligence is the comprehensiveness of its solutions to all scenarios, and emphasizes that the breakthrough point is embodied by the skilled specialists and experts who will lead the revolution. The milestone of artificial intelligence will be the real value to humanity. Artificial intelligence is the building of a comprehensive ecosystem in cooperation with all partners and stakeholders, so that it is an open platform for cooperation and innovation in this field, and expects the number of partners over the next three years to reach one million partners.

Huawei emphasizes one of the main focuses currently focused on R & D in the field of artificial intelligence, the issue of speeding up the servers and the multiplicity of functions and improve the efficiency of cloud computing and smart data centers responsible for dealing with large data storage and analysis, as well as applications closely related to artificial intelligence, which can be successful from Through the establishment of a comprehensive ecosystem that relies on open cooperation and strategic partnerships, especially in critical areas and sectors such as transport, education, health and banking.

Huawei believes that the success and development of the artificial intelligence revolution depend directly on raising the skills and competencies of human resources, which will be responsible for dealing with all aspects of development in the world of artificial intelligence, and is currently focusing all its programs of social responsibility at the global level. Government agencies and educational institutions in the Middle East to guide the attention of the young generation in information and communication technology, train them and refine their skills to be leaders of tomorrow, to serve the path of achieving the strategic visions of their countries and the success of all national plans that arrange Huawei announces the real breakthrough of the artificial intelligence technology revolution through Asind and Davenchi

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