SSD vs HDD Speed Test & Explained 2020 – Which Is Best

SSD vs HDD  – Speed Test & Explained Everything

SSD vs HDD speed Hard drives are the heart of every computer and are that any information we have from the operating system to a photograph is stored on the hard drive. That’s why it’s so important; everything works from the hard drive.

SSD vs HDD speed
SSD vs HDD speed

Currently, there are a few options on hard drives: HDD and SSD. In this article, I am going to tell you about the two types of hard drives and what are their disadvantages, but also its advantages. SSD vs HDD speed
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It is straightforward to recognize a life-long mechanical hard disk or a hard disk in the solid state,

the differences at first glance are considerably evident. While one is considerably more significant, the other is finite and small, almost the same size as a laptop hard drive.

Hard disk mechanical, HDD

The hard drives, as I mentioned above, are computer components in which permanent information is stored, data is saved. It does not matter if the unit is turned off, the data is collected in the HDD.

They are called mechanical hard drives because they are precisely composed of mechanical parts.

Also, they use magnetism to be able to record the data and files in it.

In a few words, it is formed by one or several rigid disks which are united by the same axis, and these rotate at high speed in a kind of box. SSD vs HDD speed

Solid hard drive, SSD solid state drive

The SSD is an advance in this sense because in case they do not use mechanical components, but they store all the data in microchips with flash memories which are connected.
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In this way, you can say without a doubt that it is a large USD memory.

These discs are considerably smaller than the mechanical ones.

Also, by not having a component that rotates regularly are quieter.

They are also considered fast regarding running files of your operating system.

In this way, with a disk in the solid state, you can start Windows in a matter of 10-12 seconds.

While with a mechanical drive you can delay between one minute and one minute and 30 seconds.

The difference is without a doubt remarkable. SSD vs HDD speed

HDD vs. SSD main differences

The differences are quite clear.

In case the SSD has capacities ranging from 120 GB to 4 TB, while an HDD can have 10 TB of space.

In addition to this, their consumption is considerably lower, but they are also much more expensive than HDD

In the case of units in the solid state, they are much quieter than a mechanical disk.

As for the OS startup speed and the applications of this,

it can be said that an SSD is reduced by half. SSD vs HDD speed

Ideal for people who work all day with the computer or several hours,

saving just a lot of time in this regard.

Regarding the data transfer with an SSD, it remains between 200 and 550 MB / s,

which is very much, since a maximum HDD of a lifetime can reach 150 MB /s.

Durability is the most important things when we talk about hard drives because you store a lot of information in them.

When we talk about a solid disc this can be rewritten a limited number of times,

lasting a few years less than a standard CD which can even damage SSD vs HDD speed

its mechanical parts with movement, so we must also be careful in that sense with a mechanical one.

Mechanical hard drive or solid state drive

which is better? As you saw the main differences are three:

  • The first is undoubtedly the price since an SSD is much more expensive than an HDD.
  • Also, HDDs have much more capacity than an SSD.
  • The good thing about an SSD is that they are considerably faster and once you start using a
  • computer that has a solid state drive, you do not want to ever go back to an HDD.
  • For most people space of 4 TB (The maximum currently available in SSD) is more than enough. In
  • many cases what is recommended is to have an SSD of 250 GB approximately to have the
  • operating system and most used programs — keeping an HDD connected to save data as a secondary disk.

Keep in mind that currently, a 250 GB SSD can be worth the same as a 4 TB HDD, to give you an idea of the prices.
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In case you like your computer to work very silently, having a disk in the solid state is highly recommended since having no mechanical parts or anything that turns like an HDD causes less noise and no vibration.

As I mentioned above, what can be noticed is a massive difference in speed. A computer that has an SSD can start the OS in less than half. Even in a matter of very few seconds (15 or less) when a mechanical disk can take even more than a minute to start the OS.

Pro and cons of an SSD

The problem appears when we talk about durability and is that the duration of the disk in the solid state depends on the amount of data you write in it. The issue is that each cell of a flash memory bank can be written a minimal number of times.

Teach Report conducted a study with a Samsung 850 Pro SSD where they confirm that it can last up to 2500 Terabytes. This can be translated into a little over eight years approximately. Although as I said above depends too much on the use that each person gives to the hard drive.

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Then we can conclude the issue of durability in which the SSD will depend a lot on the use that you give to SSD vs HDD speed

it when in the case of the HDD the main problem comes from a part of the blows or even movements when it is working — reducing its useful life and also being able to damage data and also lose them.

There are many tools capable of monitoring the health of hard drives for both SSD and HDD. In this way, you can keep up to date with the health of the same and know exactly how much useful life you have left.

In these cases, it is always ideal to have a backup of the most critical data in the cloud, so as not to have any data loss problem.

the conclusion: which disk is better

it is best to try to combine both hard disks to save a large amount of data (especially for those SSD vs HDD speed

downloading many things from the Internet, for example) and have the most used operating system and programs in the SSD.

For those people who play video games, edit multimedia content or work for a large number of hours in front of the computer. Having an SSD can save you a considerable amount of, even hours at the end of the day.
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Keep in mind that with an SSD you can even “revive” an old computer. Since being much faster, you do not need to buy new components to make it work more quickly. SSD vs HDD speed

In many occasions changing the mechanical disk for a disk in the solid state, you can find yourself with a pleasant surprise, with a computer that has been running for many years in a much more agile way.

the best thing is to try to combine both hard drives, leaving a small one in the solid state for the OS and a mechanical one to store data, it is the most recommended. SSD vs HDD speed

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