what is e marketing

what is e marketing

what is e marketing The annual spending rate on e-marketing activities is close to $ 100 billion,

according to the Reuters website in September last year,

reflecting the growing importance of this area and its various disciplines and hence its importance as a promising field of work. Introduced by
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HubSpot with certificates given to trainees after completing these courses, where they can be added directly to their LinkedIn accounts.

These courses are available for three e-marketing disciplines: e-marketing and marketing through social media platforms and content marketing.
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  • Email marketing

This course contains ten sections of 34 videos to explain e-mail marketing skills, from managing and dividing email address lists to correct e-mail formulation and design,

to creating successful e-mail marketing campaigns, analyzing their results and measuring their success.

This course will help you to identify a reason for the high return on investment in e-mail marketing which reached 3600%.

You will also be able to master the creation of email marketing strategies to help you deliver your marketing message professionally.

You will also become a member of a digital community of more than 100,000 professionals Email marketing to share experiences in this specialty,

and you can register to join this course free of charge here.

And you get sample of the certificate of completion of a course on the HubSpot in the field of marketing e-mail

  • Marketing through social media marketing platforms

The course includes eight sections, 40 videos to explain marketing skills through social networking platforms, and five experts will teach the lessons of this course. They will show how to create a successful marketing strategy on social networking platforms as well as develop a plan for creating and publishing content through them. Platforms.
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You will also learn how to expand the reach of your business or service on social media platforms need to

be reach as many potential customers as possible and to promote continuous communication with them,
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as well as the principles of digital advertising and how to measure return on investment in marketing on

social media platforms. You can join this course free of charge here.

  • Content Marketing

This course is divided into 12 sections and contains 35 videos to explain content marketing skills. Nine experts are involved in teaching the lessons of this course.

The course includes a definition of content marketing and the
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power of storytelling in creating content as well as you need to generate ideas for content creation. Featured.

This course also reviews how the content created for re-publication can be used in other formats as well as adequately

promoted, analyzed, and measured regarding content efficiency and targeted audience interaction. This course is free of charge.

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